Logging into SQL Server with different user credentials using Management Studio

There would arise situations where you do not have permissions to a SqlServer with your windows credentials (when using windows authentication). As such there would be other windows account which has permissions to the SqlServer, so one way to get access to the server is logging in to the windows system with the credentials that has access permissions to the server which is tedious since you have to log off your current account and then login with a different account.

With SqlServer Management Studio you have an option to log in to the server as a different user. For this all you have to do is right click on the management studio icon in the taskbar along with the shift key pressed, which opens up a context menu with Run as different user option.

Selecting the Run as different user option will open an authentication window to enter the required credentials which has access permissions to the SqlServer.


Entering the user credentials along with the domain associated with will enable SqlServer Management studio to connect to the required server.


Hopes this helps someone who is in a similar situation..